Better be safe than sorry; you know it

This is why prevention has become Vitaldent’s philosophy.


Daily oral hygiene

Brush your teeth after each meal, use dental floss often, especially before going to bed, and complete your daily routine by using a mouthwash.


Visit the dentist regularly

Visit the dentist at least once a year in order to check out your oral health. A consultation on time will help you prevent and avoid problems in the future.


Healthy diet

Caring for your diet is essential to keep your mouth healthy. Vegetables, food with calcium and fruits, such as apples, favour our oral health.


Professional dental cleaning

One oral cleaning per year by a professional will help you remove plaque accumulated on the teeth and gums. The professional cleaning fulfils a basic preventive function.



If you like sports, don’t forget to use mouthpieces. They help minimize blows and fractures on the teeth and prevent injuries in soft tissue such as lips and tongue.


The first appointment is free

as well as radiology, diagnosis and quote